Siam Ocean World

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A new attractions in downtown Bangkok. Open in December 2005, Siam Ocean World will be the largest aquarium in Southeast Asia.  With world-standard exhibits and features, the aqaruim comprises a 270-degree acrylic under ocean tunnel, a panoramic oceanarium with a 360-degree view through a 10.5 metre diametre fishbowl, an 8-metre deep reef tank and a rainforest display. More than 400 species or 30,000 marine animals including Penguins, Blue Ring Octopus, Gray Nurse Sharks, Elephant Nose Sharks, Leafy Sea Dragons and Giant Spider Crab can be seen.
Open: daily from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Admission: 450 baht for adults and 280 baht for children (80-120 cm.).

How to get there:
take a BTS sky train and get off at Siam Station.
taking bus 73,16, 15, 79, 40, 54, 204

Contact: Siam Ocean World Tel: 0 2687 2000 Fax: 0 2687 2001

Website :