Wat Makutkasattriyaram

Intended to create twin town of Krungsriayadthaya, King Rama IV wished to have temples built along its banks as had been done in Ayutthaya. He then demanded to build 2 temples beside Phadung Krung Kasem Canel. One is”Wat Somanasvihara” for his queen and another is “Wat Makutkasattriyaram” for him. This Temple was actually called Wat Nam Banyad at the first time. It was renamed as Wat Makutkasattriyaram at the end of the reign, which was the royal style and title of King Rama IV.

Nowaday, Wat Makutkasattriyaram is mostly served for funeral of important persons. However there are some attractions which are the gables and on the door and window frames; they are decorated with the royal crown which was the insignia of King Rama IV. In that you can see the depiction from stories in Pali about the Buddha’s disciples, commentaries and illustration of meditation techniques.

Address: beside Phadung Krung Kasem Road, Bang Kunphrom, Phranakorn Bangkok 10200

Tel. 02-2812089, 02-2801863

Admission Fee: Free