Bank of Thailand Museum

The main objective of the Museum is to preserve Thai currency, one of our important cultural heritages, as well as to stimulate the research and study on the history and evolution of Thai currency.  The exhibitions started from the prehistoric medium of exchange the ancient currency, used in different eras up until the present day.  In addition, it also highlights the roles and responsibilities of the Bank of Thailand, the governors, as well as the history of Bang Khun Phrom Palace and H.R.H. Prince Baripatra Sukhumbhands life. The exhibitions compose of 14 rooms such as:

Ancient Coins Room: The exhibition in this room dated  back to the  prehistoric era when medium of exchange such as shells or beads were used as money  until the introduction of coins, including Funan coins,  Dvaravati coins, Sri Vijaya coins, as well as Lanna and Lanchang money, which had been used before the Kingdom of Thailand was found.

Pot Duang Room displays Pot Duang coins, circulated from Sukhothai period up to the reign of King Rama V of Rattanakosin period, as well as their methods of productions.
Thai Coins Room displays Thai flat coins which were initiated by King Rama III up to the present day.

Thai Banknotes  Room displays the evolution of the Thai paper  money from the first issuance of paper money called Mai in King Rama IV reign through the issuance of banknotes series circulated in the present day, including the commemorative banknotes issued on special  occasions.

Gold and Commemorative Coins Room displays commemorative gold coins, silver coins, nickel coins, gold bond, as well as gold bullions which are used as currency reserves.

Bank of Thailand 60th Anniversary Room displays the history, the roles and responsibilities of the Bank of Thailand as well as the important events of the Bank, in chronology. Baripatra Memorial Room displays the life, works, activities, and the talents of H.R.H. Prince Baripatra Sukhumbhand.


Address: 273 Samsen Road, Bang Khun Phrom, Bangkok, 10200

Tel. 0 2283 5286, 0 2283 6723, 0 2283 5265
Fax. 0 2283 5283

Open: 09.30-16.00 Monday-Friday

Admission: free for groups

Misc.: Group tours require a minimum of 10 people. Must be booked 4-5 days in advance.


Admission requirements:
1. Free admission.
2. Please dress respectfully and take off shoes before entering the Bang Khun Phrom Palace Building.
3. Visitors should not touch exhibited items and display cases.
4. Photography is not permitted inside the Museum.
5. Smoking is strictly prohibited.
6. Food and beverages are not allowed in the Museum.
7. Avoid making excessive noise during the visit.


Bank of Thailand