Buddhist Holidays

Makha Bucha Day
This Buddhist holiday is held on the full moon of the third lunar month (usually February) to commemorate the famous event of Lord Buddha preaching in front of 1250 spontaneously gathered monks. Besides the usual Buddhist merit-making during the day, the main part of the celebration consists of a candle-lit walk three times around the chapel on the temple grounds.

Visakha Bucha Day
Another important Buddhist religious holiday, this one celebrates the birth, enlightenment and passing away of Lord Buddha. The usual sermons, candlelight processions and chantings in and around the temples are the hallmarks of this ceremony.

Ashana Bucha Day
The first sermon of Buddha to his five disciples is commemorated by this national religious holiday. As usual, candlelight processions in wats mark the celebration.

Khao Phansaa
At the beginning of the rainy season, young men enter monkhood, and all monks retreat for three months to the monastery. It is also called Rains Retreat for this reason. Khao Phansaa marks the beginning of the Buddhist Lent. Devout Buddhists make resolutions at this time and try to live their lives according to the precepts.

Ohk Phansa
End of the Buddhist Lent, beginning of the Kathin (Thawt Kathin) season, a one-month long celebration during which robes and gifts are offered to the monks.