How do you use the ticket barrier for the Sky Train

Once you have your ticket, you then approach the automatic gates. About half of these gates are used for entry and the other half are for exit. You will either see a green arrow or a red no-entry sign which are self-explanatory. Insert your ticket into the slot at the front of the machine and then take it out of the slot at the top as you walk past the barrier. If you have big bags or a bicycle, speak to the guard on duty who will let you use the gate. When you come back and you are using the normal single journey ticket, the machine will swallow your ticket and won’t spit it back out! However, if you are using the One-Day or Three-Day Passes then be sure to pick up your ticket for the next journey. As you pass through the automatic ticket barrier, you shouldn’t dawdle as the red gates close quite quickly!

Please lift up your briefcase or belongings above the automatic gates

Please carry your children while passing through automatic gates