How do you buy a ticket for the Sky Train

For people using the BTS Sky Train for the first time this can be a little confusing. As you enter the concourse you will see what looks like a ticket office with a queue of people in front of the window. However, you don’t buy tickets here! All you are doing is queuing up for some change! Once you have some change, you then use the ticket machines in the centre of the concourse. On the map, you will see your present location marked with a yellow circle (see below right). Each station has a number or zone which tells you how much you have to pay. In this example, we are at Ratchathewi Station and to go north to Mo Chit, at the end of the line, will take us to Zone 5. This will then cost us 30 baht. You can see that the cheapest journey is 10 baht and the most expensive trip is 40 baht. The map also shows you connections to the Metro which are marked with a “M’.

Once you know how much the ticket will cost, you then use the automatic ticket machine to the left of the map (see above). BTS have made this very easy for you as each step is clearly numbered from one to four. Step One: Select your zone. Step Two: Insert coins. You can use 5 or 10 baht coins for this. Step Three: Take your ticket. Step Four: Take your change. Very simple! You next head towards the ticket barrier.