How do I know which way to go

Once you have passed through the ticket barriers you now have the choice of using the steps on the left or the right. There will be a sign that clearly shows which direction each track goes. If you are at one end of the line then the bilingual sign will say “to all stations”. However, if you are in the middle somewhere then it will give you the station name at the end of the line. For example. If you get on the train at Nana and you want to go to Siam Sqaure, you wil follow the sign “to Mo Chit”. When you come back, you will follow the sign “to On Nut”. So, obviously to use the Sky Train effectively you need to study the map first! Once you have gone up the steps you will then come to the platform where you wait for the train. Every station apart from the interchange station at Siam Sqaure has two floors. At Siam Square there are three floors.