Can you buy cheaper passes for the Sky Train

Tourists have a choice between two kinds of passes to make their journey cheaper.

One-Day Pass (100 baht) – This pass gives you unlimted trips on the BTS Sky Train system. This ticket is valid within the day that the ticket is validated at a BTS station ticket office.

Three-Day Tourist Pass (280 baht) – This ticket gives you unlimited trips around Bangkok for 3 days.

Obviously, you will need to work out for yourself whether these passes are worth it for you. Basically, if you are planning at least three trips on the Sky Train then it is worth considering. You might not only save money, but you save time and hassle by not having to keep buying new tickets.

There are other passes available which are mainly aimed at commuters. For example, the 30 Day passes and the Skycard which can be refilled.

30-Day Pass for adults:

10 trips – 250 baht (25 baht per trip)
15 trips – 300 baht (20 baht per trip)
30 trips – 540 baht (18 baht per trip)

30-Day Pass for students:

10 trips – 160 baht (16 baht per trip)
15 trips – 210 baht (14 baht per trip)
30 trips – 360 baht (12 baht per trip)

Skycard – Available for 200 baht, including 30 baht refundable deposit. You can refill this stored value ticket at any time. The ticket may be used for up to 2 years.