What is the weather like in Thailand? Thailand enjoys a tropical climate with 3 distinct seasons – summer from March through May, rainy with plenty of sunshine from June to September and cool from October through February. The average annual temperature is 28 C (83 F), ranging, in Bangkok, for example, from 30 C in April to 25 C in December.

When is the best time to visit Bangkok? December to February are the best months to visit as it is relatively cool and usually dry. April is the hottest month and September the peak of the wet season. Floods are usual at the start of the wet season in May and in October when the water is at its highest.

It doesn’t rain all day. Sometimes for only a couple of hours at a time. On many days it doesn’t rain until the evening. December to February are the best months to visit. March and April is relatively dry though they are also the hottest months.